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KVDF 2016

Projects from 5th year Students of Architecture are invited for the Forum this year. Prior to the forum, an expert panel will be invited to select around fifteen projects that are most appropriate for the discussion. Previously, the projects were divided into pre-decided thematic groups and discussions happened within these groups. A new system of thematic categorization will be implemented this time, which involves and generates a dialogue between all the participants and panelists before the formation of the groups. Hierarchies of a classical jury format will dissolve in the process and groups within the students and panelists will emerge through this dialogue. Finally, three groups will form based on themes generated in the discussion which will include five projects and four panelists each. At the end of each session, the groups will present a write- up highlighting the underlying approaches to architecture based on the derived themes with the help of the presented projects

Jury Note

There were a total of 71 entries from all over the subcontinent. The projects are a representation of the issues faced in the South Asian context and how young architects position themselves in the light of these challenges".


"I started to look very carefully at the scale, and have selected a rich mixture of different projects", says Anne Feenstra. There were a variety of scales, from the large-scale zoning and master planning to the smaller scale of details and materials, which an architectural project offers. Important criteria for the selection of projects was not only the diversity of scales but also representation of different geographies of the subcontinent.


Thus the projects, behaving as illustrations to raise important questions about South Asian countries and create discussions between architects, panelists, and students during the forum.


"The intensity with which the students were able to express their designs was also the key element for selection", Anne Feenstra.