kurula varkey

Professor Kurula Varkey was born on the 14th of July 1945, the elder of the two sons of T.K. Vergis and Sosamma Vergis. He studied Architecture in IIT Kharagpur. He came to Ahmedabad in 1968, joining Vastu-Shilpa as trainee and later as an architect. He started teaching in School of Architecture at CEPT University. He taught Design studios, history of architecture and settlement pattern, as well as guided a number of research theses.
In 1977, Prof. Varkey took up a teaching post at the University of Nairobi. In the years to come, he initiated a complete overhaul of the Department’s curriculum and teaching methods. A period of study and travel followed. He joined Masters Program in Architecture at the University of Helsinki and travelled all over Scandinavia and Europe. Returning to India in 1987, he was appointed Director of the School of Architecture at the CEPT University, Ahmedabad. This he saw as both a challenge and an opportunity. A school with high standards and well established tradition presented the challenge of enlarging the concerns.
Varkey took the opportunity to emphasize the relation of architecture to culture and urban contexts during this venture as Director. In these last years he had been a much respected and sought-after participant in educational and professional forums across the country. Yet he maintained a close relationship with each student that he taught.

Old forum

The K V Design Forum is an event hosted by the students of the Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University in which projects of students from various schools of architecture are presented and discussed.
Since its establishment in 2001, the Forum has become a platform for critical discourse on architecture and architectural education. It is a platform for students to interact directly with a panel comprising of members of the architecture and design community. The Forum is not a jury or a competition. It is a platform to understand and identify, through dialogue, the diverse directions emerging in the architectural profession, and to reflect upon the varied streams of thought emerging amongst the student community.

Projects from 5th year Students of Architecture are invited for the Forum. In a final year project, the focus rests on the fact that the student writes his/her own programme and deals with larger issues within the project. The selected projects will become take off points for discussions revolving around fundamental questions about the relevance, discipline, and craft of architecture.

Projects from 5th year Students of Architecture are invited for the Forum. In a final year project, the focus rests on the fact that the student writes his/ her own programme and deals with larger issues within the project. Prior to the forum an expert panel will be invited to select around twenty projects that are most appropriate for the discussion.

All entries will be uploaded on the website. The shortlisted projects will be open for discussion online a month prior to the event, so students can familiarize themselves with the projects and a wholesome discussion may be generated during the event itself.

The selected projects will be categorised into thematic groups such that the students’ projects become take off points for discussions revolving around the relevance, discipline and craft of architecture.

The proceedings of the Forum are as follows:

  1. Exhibition of the projects.
  2. Presentations of projects by students.
  3. General discussions.
  4. Break-out sessions.
  5. Presentations/Talks by Panelists/Speakers

6. Kurula Varkey Memorial Lecture


Established in 1962, The Faculty of Architecture (FA) is nationally and internationally recognized as a prime School of Architectural Education. The issues underlying Modern Architecture in India and thereby Architectural Education itself, can be broadly discussed as: the relation between building and urban structure, the evolution of architecture of modernity rooted in the Indian tradition, and the need for theory as the basis of architectural practice, if practice is not to be mere construction.

It is these issues that have formed the basic thrust of architectural education and directions at the Faculty of Architecture, Ahmedabad. The specific issues of architectural education deal with the balance between development of mind, of sensitivity to the nature of architectural task relevant to our society and our time and the inculcation of skills to interpret them into the language of building.