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Forum Structure

Pre Forum

This year, the KVDF team will select a group of 30 students who will get an opportunity to display their work as a part of an exhibition that will be set up for the forum. All the 30 students will get an individual review session with the members of CEPT faculty and the panellists on the first day of the forum at the CEPT campus. Out of these 30 students, a group of 12 students will get an opportunity to take part in the conversations over the rest of the two days of the forum as student panelists. 


Workshops in July


The selected twelve students will have the opportunity to take part in two workshops with the faculty members at CEPT, which are planned to take place in the month of July. These workshops would help the students formulate an argument that correlates individual projects and the theme. Spread across the first three weeks of July, the workshops would be conducted online.

The Exhibition


The forum will commence with a week-long exhibition where the 30 students and the invited panelists will display their work in the form of a panel. The panel will be a curation of specific aspects of the student projects that presents the individual standpoints related to the theme and not a compilation of the entire work done on the design projects. The preparation for this exhibition will begin in the month of July along with the online workshops. The students needn’t be physically present in Ahmedabad to put up the exhibition.

Friday, 1st August



The students will engage with the panellists and the faculty members of CEPT in a review session as a part of the exhibition. Each student will get individual feedback on their work displayed. 

Keynote and Memorial Lecture


The forum will be inaugurated on the evening of 2nd August with a Memorial Lecture on Professor Kurula Varkey, followed by a Keynote Lecture. The Keynote Lecture will set out the key ideas that are central to the understanding of the theme.

Saturday, 3rd August and Sunday, 4th August

Curated Discussions


There will be three curated discussions across the two days where the students and the panellists will engage in conversations and debates on different aspects of the theme using their projects as starting points. Each session will consist of a group of four students and two panellists. Specific questions regarding their projects will be raised to open up larger discussions on the theme. These discussions will be moderated by the faculty members and students of CEPT. 


Site Visit / Workshop


Site visits within Ahmedabad or workshops where student presenters, panellists and moderators along with other members of the CEPT community will engage in interactive sessions will also take place over the two days.


Culmination Session


The forum will end with the Culmination Session on Sunday evening where all the stakeholders of the forum will engage in a discussion to highlight the key takeaways from the conversations over the three days. 


The 12 selected students are expected to be a part of all the sessions across the three days.

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