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Kunjan Garg

Kunjan Garg hails from Ahmedabad and completed her undergraduate degree from the School of Architecture at CEPT. While at school, the holistic academic environment allowed her to form gradually through active involvement in theatre, art and literature in addition to the inspiring guidance of reputed Studio tutors like Anant Raje. Kurula Varkey, Miki Desai and Neelkanth Chhaya. Kunjan co-founded the firm Mangrove Architecture Alliance with batch mate Ar Raj Menon in the year 2006. In 2011, Mangrove amalgamated with the Design Tree of Ar Niranjan Das Sharma to form RGB Architecture Studio, a critical practice based in Cochin that strives to articulate context sensitive architecture amidst emergent conditions. Kunjan has also been actively involved in architectural academics since 2016 and has been consistently striving to redefine the relationship between theory and practice as mutually complementary.