Shortlisted Entries 2020

The Granite Garden

Radha Iyer
School Of Environment & Architecture | Mumbai

The study undertaken in the thesis is to understand how materiality helps is shaping the experience of a space, through the instance of a granite quarry. To a hole made, creating in, a whole new ground it’s still a debate to say if the place in itself is a natural or man-made land, is it a physical moment or a physical space that gives possibility to develop this place by imaging it like a sci-fi land. 

Using the lens of a fiction narrative, the form of material and material qualities have been studied physically and phenomenologically, in this stark landscape. Bringing out specific nuances that invite conflict in the project are: 

  1. The idea of, the activity of mining being repurposed in the manner, the landscape is developed. 
  2. The reached understanding that drawings as a medium get very limiting to develop a design. What they simply help in here, is adding a little value and specificity to the experience that’s aimed for the space to generate. 
  3. The evolving or rather evolved landscape in some ways starts attaining an idea of permanence for a skin that’s constantly changing. 
  4. The design opens out the notion of exhaustion or excavation being good as long as the place is excavated for its own development, however keeping the value of the place intact, unlike a temporary land, used to process natural ground for the urban development around.