Shortlisted Entries 2020

[Re]-bouncing the cycle of consumerism

Jay Asundaria
Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture | Mumbai

Into the world of existence, objects and processes ,where perception is used as a tool in order to create magic in the world ; as it is also used as pseudo-consumerist weapon and yet today we face the consequences in the material realm.i.e
“Perception of ” WASTE
Hereby the thesis thus attempts to rebound the cycle of consumerism inorder to not only win over such a perception but also to transform it to a resourceful tool into:
“Perception of ” RESOURCE
By claiming and manifesting such a tool from the perceptional conflict, the significance oozes out as:
“No matter a word, a letter or an alphabet,
No matter a human being or the beings at large,
No matter the processes and every step taken,
There is no matter called as a waste;
Everything is a resource”
The story then begins by de-coding the mountain of waste(dumping grounds or black holes) through the lens of upcycle baba which then triggers the formulation of an architectural drama where
Consumerism as philosophy, Amusement as feeling,Ragpicker as derivation, Human energy as energy source,upcycle baba as craftsmanship are the five elements of such a program.
In order to solve ,an idea of MMAD lab( material madness amusement and de consumerism lab) is projected at various places. Such a species of architecture is a resource in itself which could be dismantled to regenerate itself and can be assigned new functions; thereby MMAD lab is a fusion of amusement causing willingness towards the work of up cycling activities (object rejuvenating activities) thereby leading to a perceptional shift by also being a place where people could donate calories as energy to the architecture. Thereby winning the perception of resource by also being:
“Architecture as a resource”
“Architecture from waste (resource), of waste (resource),
and for waste(resource).”
“In this tightness of routine,
Where fun find its way,
Which installs itself as work in routine,
Hence liberates the resourcefulness in gay,
Where amusement becomes the experience,
The responsibility is then an ecstatic ambience”