Selected Entries 2019

Midway Shelter: A Transitional rehabilitation system for the floating populace.

Sadia Tasnim
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology | Dhaka

Migration brings about a radical change in the idea of identity. When a village person migrates to a megacity, not only his professional identity is lost but also his idea of society, daily life and financial stability is gone forever. In the urban life everyone discovers a new identity. Now the transition defines whether that identity is stronger than the previous one or not. This project is the intermediate point between an uncertain village worker and an urban immigrant who is not skilled or confident enough to make a place for himself. That’s why it provides him with a temporary identity, nurtures his possibilities and help a person forge an identity in a new set up. Changing identity is not a luxury for the floating populace. Its rather an inevitable event that happens from the need of survival. While this shift is necessary a person becomes intruder in architecture and urban landscape of a city where they actually have no place. This type of temporary shelter might just be a response to the very problem, but it’s a new form of architecture that defines a direction towards something new, something ambitious and finally something positive. With this force, the switch of identity of unskilled people to skilled ones is not an unnatural urban occurrence. Its now an architectural input to bring out a positive change in economy, social system and architecture itself.