Selected Entries 2017


Rasika Maladugala
City School of Architecture | Colombo

Sri Lanka generates about 5.1 Million Kilograms of Plastics every year and this has become one of the major contributors in marine pollution around the island nation. A proper solution to control plastic waste has become an urgent need. “Re – use” is a process where pre used materials are given a repurpose or are used to provide the same purpose. Considering the high range of characteristics of plastics as a material, the waste plastic materials can be reused effectively & profitably.  Plastic waste material has been utilized globally in many efficient ways. The most effective solution to control this is to integrate these new methods of reusing plastic waste considering the technological requirements, budgetary requirements, pollution & incomes/profits.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES The center is proposed to train & promote the methods & process of reusing plastic waste in selected sectors which in turn has also become an opportunity for the local communities to be benefited. The abandoned garbage dump in Bloemendhal is selected as the project site considering the existing development proposals & the need for the redevelopment of the abandon grey site in this particular urban context.

BUILDING/ARCHITECTURE AS A NATURAL SYSTEM – Design considerations & approach

  • Functional requirements – the building functions as a combination of three main functional aspects. These are categorized as training facility, promotional platform & visitor center. The conditions at site and existing proposals were also considered in identifying the building function and they were modified accordingly to accommodate the functional integrity of the project.
  • Contextual forces & modifiers – The form of the building, the site selection, physical & visual connections are designed to target and attract the maximum impact from the identified contextual forces. Special consideration was given when deciding on the types of foundation systems used in the building which were to be generated through the site and contextual forces.
  • Construction material & process – The entire building structure is done out of used plastic bottles & with a steel skeletal structure which is primarily designed to respond to the dump soil conditions and its behavior. The modular building system is versatile as well as a low-cost construction method which can be built maintained & repaired by the local community; therefore, the building construction, maintenance is sustainable within the local system & context.
  • Post demolition stage & site regeneration – The building design & the construction system was also designed considering it as a part of future urban development and to accommodate it by keeping provisions in the project. Therefore; the entire building is to be designed with the concept of easy de-construction & reusing of materials.

Therefore, the form of the building, building orientation, formation, scale, materials, construction method & services are basically designed considering the entire life cycle of the building & materials.