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Manisha Agarwal

Manisha Agarwal is an architect, urban designer and educator. She co-founded MO-OF / Mobile Offices with Shantanu Poredi in 2002. MO-OF has designed various projects such as educational campus, residential communities, hospitality, offices, exhibitions and healthcare. MO-OF’s interest in architecture and design stems from the debate on the evolving cities and the potential it offers as a designer. Ideas are tested through competitions that the practice engages with, which have led to an opportunity for realizing some projects such as the residential campus of the ‘Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University’ at Wardha (2002), the ‘School of Planning and Architecture’ campus at Vijaywada (2012) and V.J.T.I engineering college hostel at Mumbai (2015). She is currently visiting faculty at K.R.V.I.A, Mumbai.