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Hirante Welandawe

Hirante Welandawe(1953) qualified as an architect from the University of Moratuwa in 1980 and received her postgraduate training from the same University in 1983. She specialised in urban design at the Helsinki University of Technology. After working at several offices in Finland and Sri Lanka she set up her own practice in partnership with Madhura Prematilleke. Hirante Welandawe graduated from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. She apprenticed with B.V. Doshi at Stein Doshi & Bhalla at Sangath, the firm’s atelier in Ahmadabad, India. She did her masters in urban design at Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.  Her practice H W Architects Pvt. Ltd. is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka from where the company operates projects in Sri Lanka, India and in Bahrain.  Welandawe is a visiting lecturer at the University of Moratuwa and has written and published her work extensively.