Selected Entries 2017

The Open House

Foram Mistry
CEPT University | Ahmedabad

Architecture is a form of art and an architect can be the artist or the person who enhances the need of art in different social levels.
To provide artists the space and time to take risks in ways that encourages the development of their practice. The mission is to provoke public dialogue through contemporary artmaking.
The creative process is just as important as the outcome.
By nurturing the artist, the building can enrich the community. The institute can develop the artist through education, exhibition and a stimulating supportive environment, while sharing the experience of
visual arts with the community.
The place where a group of artist community will come together and organise an institution where their studio, residency and gallery, library and workshops are together at one place. The place where art and society meets, where people get to know what art is. A place where people will understand the value of the art and get interacted with art directly.
The institution can fosters exploration and experimentation, providing an in depth opportunity for artists to critically develop their practice. Structured as both a residency and an exhibition, individual artists or
artist teams may develop new work or generate provocative programming that investigates new avenues within contemporary art making practices. Artists are encouraged to use the space–which is open to the public–in a dynamic capacity, collaborating with other artists, using the gallery as a studio, developing ongoing programs and events, creating installations, or modifying their exhibition layout over the course of their 3month residency.
Architectural scope
The building can be a combination of public realm, where everyone will participate and will also create an individual place for artist. Architecturally it’s a task to combine both the different character in one program by introducing inbetween /transitional space for both the user group.
It can be a gateway for public to acquire information and get excited about art but at the same time it can be a very individual space for an individual artist