Selected Entries 2017

INSTANT CULTURE: Making of a Temporary Cultural Object

Adwait Adke
L.T. Institute of Architecture and Design Studies | Navi Mumbai

The intervention is about the means by which a man adapts or fails to adapt the inevitable factors of change to the future. The conceptual question deals with common, everyday matters, the products we buy and discard, the places we leave behind, the corporations we inhabit, the people who pass at an ever faster clip through our lives.

 “How temporary is our current fascination for the permanent?”

Transience: The Throw-Away Society

The ocean of man-made objects that surrounds us is set within a larger ocean of natural objects. But increasingly, it is the technologically produced environment that matters for the individual and the relationship to certain ideas or the information flow in society.

“I like Andy Warhol,

I like Lady Gaga, I like Starbucks, and I like Rem Koolhaas.

I push the like button, and consider it done.

I like without effort,

I click therefore I am, in a culture that is fast.”

Event: Architecture

Architecture is in a state of crisis. The problem of architecture is the futile attempt to make it generic specific. We operate in a society that is rapidly changing; however, we are burdened with our inheritance. This inheritance was designed for a society we no longer recognize. If change and crises were formerly the city’s enemies, they are now its driving forces. Instead of functions like residential, office, commercial, leisure, entertainment, and industry, we think of a fast architecture almost like a tailor made suit.

We are proposing spaces that give expression to fast culture in answer to more precise and time bound functions. The structures themselves will be capable of changes, renewal and destruction. Architecture is a representation of the verb ‘to be,’ including not only the past and present, but also the future. Architecture must transcend architectural dogmas, and inquire into the relevant application of the management and explorations of space, circumstance, context and time.

“The Architect Has a Compulsion to Conclude,

The City Has a Compulsion to Deny Conclusion.”