Seema Khanwalker

Seema Khanwalkar is a PhD in Linguistics and Semiotics from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She is an Associate Professor and has been teaching for over two decades. She is currently associated with CEPT University, NID, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Powai etc. She has contributed to the Social Sciences across institution through her teaching, research and thesis guidance and also anchoring Masters Programs. She has been a Semiotic consultant to the Indian Industry for two decades and has also worked with international research agencies. She has published internationally and is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Semiotics Institute, Lithuania. Her interest is in understanding cultures and decoding them for the way they are sustained or undergo changes over time. She also work with the Communication industry to help generate communications that includes, advertising, packaging, logo, etc by providing inputs from the perspective of social systems such as a gender, ideologies, belief systems, and prevelant cutural discourses.