Ashok Lall

Ashok Lall, b. 1948, graduated from the University of Cambridge U.K. in Architecture Fine Arts and obtained the Architectural Association Diploma in 1970. His architectural firm ‘Ashok B Lall Architects’ (estd. 1981) is committed to an architectural practice based on the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. It has won a number of awards and its work has been published widely. Engaged in architectural education since 1990, he has developed curricula and teaching methods to address. Ashok B Lall was the convener of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission Work group on Energy, and coordinator of an EU-funded program for the development of a controversial web-based teaching package for low-energy architecture. Works include the Master Plan and Tissue Culture Pilot Plant for TATA Energy Research Institute Campus, Guragaon; the Master Plan and Campus Development for the Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur; and the Transport Corporation of India Headquarters, New Delhi.